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Re: Regarding Bujutsu

[quote]Originally posted by particleman151
[b] I had a fairly long talk with my sensie and he said that bujutsu is his break off of the kokikai style. I guess he had his doubts about some of the moves in kokikai and...
So after filtering out alot of the moves he created Aikido Bujustu, "The way of the warrior" This style is mainly more self defense orientated and less spirutal but it is very effective.

KAMI : Sorry but to me it all seems very muddy...Your teacher seems to be concerned just with "efficiency" and makes a fantastic mix of JUTSU (Techniques for fighting) and DO
(ways for self-improvement). You do not put together AIKIDO (a Way for Self-Improvement) with BUJUTSU (Techniques for fighting). Either you choose one or the other. I know this is quite a far-fetched definition but I hope it carries my point. It's as if you said "I practice JujitsuDo". It just does not make sense.
And as my friend, Diane Skoss, says : neither Jutsu, nor Do, teaches you efficiency or "real" fighting. You'll find that just in the Police or in the armed forces, specially in war conditions. The rest of us do "arts", not "efficient" combat forms, whatever that is supposed to mean.

[quote]Originally posted by particleman151
[b]The Ninji i was talking about was a bit of confusion on my part, Ninjie or what ever, is really, a site were we are registered on the dojo search.

KAMI : Ah, and the page was sent with an error. When you go there, you'll find a page about Ninjutsu (???). So, besides AIKIDO BUJUTSU (???), you people also dabble in Ninjutsu? Cool...

[quote]Originally posted by particleman151
Just thought you would be interested in what the style Bu jutsu is.
There are many paths up the moutain but they all lead to the the top.

KAMI : A Do or a Jutsu is NOT a style, it has styles and I'm afraid if the one who's leading the way up the mountain is blind, it might not lead to the top but more probably lead everybody astray.
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"We are all teachers, and what we teach is what we need to learn, and so we teach it over and over again until we learn it".
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