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Re: Business and Budo

Craig Hocker wrote: View Post
IMO, these ideas of not compensating the teacher are not traditional at all.
I agree that compensation has always been there. One way or another, people have always had to feed and shelter themselves and to take time to teach another person takes time away from those basic needs. When I haven't been able to afford training dues at my dojo I have done work as trade.
What do you think about where the line should be drawn regarding surplus income? I know many economists would argue that as long as enough people are willing to pay an amount, that amount is the correct one. I tend to disagree with that idea pretty strongly, but I tend to be more socialy minded too. I wouldn't call myself a socialist, but i do feel that everyone within a society owes a certain debt to the society in which they live and that they ideally should do what they can to help the people around them since it's through proximity that any individual directly interacts with society at large. This is where I start to find myself agreeing with the idea that certain forms of education ought be available to everyone. I don't think it's some kind of natural law people must obey, simply that it's better than the alternative.
I'm tired and probably not making much sense so I'll head off to bed now.
Take care folks, and thanks for the food for thought.

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