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Re: Practice Aikido Spiritually ?

Russ Rohling wrote: View Post
So what exactly is the spirituality of Aikido in daily practice ?
In my opinion it's very simple: be positive.

How does one do "it" ?
Again I think the simple answer is to act positively. How this happens varies from situation to situation and person to person.

So how do I as a relatively beginner make Aikido a lifestyle and not just a practice session ?
I really like Lynn's remarks on this one: Practice. If there's a lifestyle to Aikido or Budo, i think it's simply continuous effort/practice to do your best; anything else is a biproduct of that.
Speaking as a person who practices Aikido in a highly spiritual setting, I think the difficulty that sometimes comes with trying to take a concept like "Aikido" and making it a way of life or spiritual practice is that we often overthink things. From the Jinja Shinto perspective it's very simple: abide by nature and cultivate I understand it anyway...and I think this is very much the distilled message of Osensei...again, as I think I understand it.

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