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Regarding Bujutsu

Well if you guys remember that i posted a question about bujutsu and ninji a bit ago, i know now what they are. I had a fairly long talk with my sensie and he said that bujutsu is his break off of the kokikai style. I guess he had his doubts about some of the moves in kokikai and that even the head teachers in this style could not throw him with some of the moves, even when he was not really resisting. Well when he first started teaching he had some big guys that also had there doubts of some of the kokikai "fluffy" moves and that they would not be street effective. So they went through alot of the moves and asked each other, "Did this work?, would i really throw you?, Would this be effiective in a real fight?"

So after filtering out alot of the moves he created Aikido Bujustu, "The way of the warrior" This style is mainly more self defense orientated and less spirutal but it is very effective.

The Ninji i was talking about was a bit of confusion on my part, Ninjie or what ever, is really, a site were we are registered on the dojo search.

Just thought you would be interested in what the style Bu jutsu is.

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