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Re: Practice Aikido Spiritually ?

Just my own opinion, of course, but I think the spiritual aspect is something that develops in its own way over time through each individual... through his/her training, personal beliefs, reading, and life experiences. I'm not sure there is a blueprint, map or guidebook, nor is there some jar of spirituality that you can buy and "apply liberally to the affected area". What "it" is for one, may not be "it" for another. The training on the physical level is a means for many to open their minds to possibilities on other levels. For me, reading is the way I get exposure to those possibilities. If that works for you also, I'd suggest you begin with the writings of Sunadomari, Stevens and Gleason. These offer an Aikido perspective, but you may find that this leads you to a broader interest in the realms of Zen, Buddhism, Shinto, Omoto, and others. It does not have to have religious connotations, but only give you the opportunity to add those thoughts that make sense to you to your own "toolbox".
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