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Thanks for the reply Edward, it's definitely good stuff.

Originally posted by Edward

I would like to add something quite important: Probably you wonder how come this generation of shihans is so gifted and powerful in aikido, and you wonder how come the younger generation of teachers does not show the same genius. The answer is that the formidable training these guys received under Osensei and others is no more acceptable nowadays and is called abusive, illegal, criminal...etc. Yes, I do think the new generation is wimpy, to use your words. Myself included, of course...
How thoroughly depressing for us, for the future of Aikido, and well, for humanity in general.
Can't someone come to our rescue? Surely someone has stories of how they have seen that the newer generations are as impressive as the old! Let's here them! Personally I like the few young shihans I have seen, but then again I realize I have NEVER seen any of O-sensei's uchideshi!
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