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Re: What to do ?

I will inform the other female students, before I leave. At the moment there is no danger for other woman, since there are only very few of them and all of them are married/have boyfriends, so they won't go to his flat.
My teacher somehow tried to convince me (no: to convince HIMSELF), that nothing really bad has happened. But at least he knows, what was going on, so if a new woman starts training, he hopefully will feel in charge to protect her. He even said, that he had thought about warning me, when he realized first (months ago), that there was some attraction between B and me. Well, I would not have believed him...
I still wish my "old" Sempai back, but I do know, it's impossible for me to ever trust him again as uke. Even if he would not try to hurt me, I know, that an injury would be an advantage for him. That's poison enough to cause accidents.
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