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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 5

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It may well be that the bona fide uchideshi (pre-war) were the ones who were able to witness the personal training. Same for Ueshiba in the time spent with Takeda Sensei in Hokkaido. I wonder how, without that live in, bath, take care of experience, you would pick those personal training regimes up.

Thats another good question Ron and feeds directly into the transmission question. If we put aside who got what where, we are left with a very obvious outcome. Somebody, somewhere, was able to show and teach or nobody would have "gotten" anything. But why the live in, take a bath, eat the same food idea? Obviously that didn't work either. I think in the end it was always there to be had if someone either knew how to teach it or even wanted to. IMO it is, and always was, best pursued as a separate study from kata.


If we say that Tohei went elsewhere- then he most certainly got it?
We know Shioda stepped outside and he got it as well.
Now Ikeda is looking and researching and he is getting it.

So it is there to be gotten. So why isn't it being taught-in Aikido? George makes interesting points with his teacher. That maybe Saotome doesn't know how to transfer or convey the internal information or what he knows of it into a teachable model. Knowing a thing and being able to teach it amidst all the other stuff you are trying to teach might be VERY distracting. And it will not draw most people to it. It is not immediate, and requires an intuitive, creative and obsessive mindset. Maybe Ellis is right you either were an oddduck to pursue it or you became one in the end.

Since a series of Aikidoka are now looking elsewhere; at DR methods, Ushiro's methods, etc, why would their bring-back information be seen as anything different than what these earlier men have been doing all along. Including keeping Mum about it (which is what I tell them to do) till -they- become the new seniors.
Then viola...fixed.
By a series of oddducks.
But here's the rub. Ask them about it. It certainly seems they have found some things that they are convinced are worth having and training...too bring back, but they can't yet. They are getting all obsessive and odd about "getting it" first.

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