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Hi Edward me again

Originally posted by Edward
Pain is a part of budo training, and learning to live with pain and accepting it, not making a big issue of it, is fundamental in budo, I think.

I unfortunately find aikido practitioners too concerned by avoiding pain to do an honest practice.

Injury is unavoidable from time to time but not necessary.
I appologise, apparently I misread your post and understood the exact opposite.

I agree completely with the above three statements.

I also must say that causing injury on purpose is as Jim pointed out a violation. Pain, even that which last's a few days, is not what he, I or I suppose you are talking about. Accidents do happen and unfortunately some injuries become chronic. Managed to avoid those so far, although two bothered me for more than a year and age being what it is - may bother me again.

Originally posted by Jonathan
Well, Jim, thanks for your opinion. While I can see your point of view, it doesn't gain greater credence by being expressed in an obnoxious way.
What????? Basically what Jim is talking about is completely right - if serious injury is caused on purpose it is ABUSE.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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