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Hi Peter,

I hate bullying and I don't want it to be in any way part of aikido. But I do recognize the teacher's authority, in the teaching process, to cause pain to the student. Pain is a part of budo training, and learning to live with pain and accepting it, not making a big issue of it, is fundamental in budo, I think.

Brutal is not good either, but intentful and honest is.

I unfortunately find aikido practitioners too concerned by avoiding pain to do an honest practice.

Injury is unavoidable from time to time but not necessary.

As for judo, I am not referring to the Olympic Judo since it was created by Professor Kano himself. I have nothing against it. I myself am an ex-judoka and I have done training camps with European instructors and I saw how they transformed the sport of judo to mere wrestling skills, killed the personality building element and the developing of ki against pure muscle power, and eliminated the privileged teacher-student relationship for a contractual relationship favoring the student over the teacher. This is what I meant by Japanese values.

By the way, good luck for your Japan stay and train hard!

Originally posted by PeterR
Hi Edward;

Brutal training, what Jim is talking about, is found in Japan as anywhere else. Aikido has it's share of bullies here too and I would even go so far as to say that in Japan bullying is elevated to an art form. I wonder what inherent Japanese values you are referring to.

I am a fan of good Japanese budo training - it's one of the reasons I'm back here. That said I've seen and heard of some unhealthy stuff practiced in the name of Budo.

Same I suspect for Judo and Karate - the Japanese are into sport Judo as much or more so as any other country - they afterall introduced it. I also don't consider Olympic Judo evil (I suppose that is what you are referring to).

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