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Originally posted by jimvance
Please excuse me if you find this offensive, but the description given above is just plain ABUSE. I used to subscribe to this theory until I was taught better. People do this because they know they can get away with it; in other words, they have a willing (and stupid, in my own experience) participant. My teacher likes to say that if you can hurt someone, then they can hurt you. Sometimes training does hurt, but someone else should not decide whether you can "take the pain". Torn tendons could be looked at as a badge of honor, signifying undergoing "hard training" or "ascetic discipline". I tend to look at them in this context as proof of rape.

Jim Vance
Sometimes I do wonder if the decision to teach aikido to Westerners was not O sensei's biggest mistake. Look what they did to judo and karate, and now to aikido. Of course, money was and still is an important factor in prostituting aikido and other martial arts, but at a price of loosing aikido's inherent Japanese values.
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