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Originally posted by [wintermute]

I am not sure what to think of the this "thesis" except that they really don't want to train with anyone except themselves. I would think that their own "ego" is getting in the way them learning anything. Why is this person always looking at everyone else? If you want to train then train, if you want to complain call someone who cares. Everyone has something to teach us. Whether a new student or grandmaster. It is a brotherhood, and this person is oblivious to what is really going on. As for the thief synopsis- how can someone steal what I freely give? Generally, I think that this is a know it all, somehow cosmically enlightened to not look at him/herself. I would like to enlighten with this. "As the mountains need the rain, doesn't your crotch need kicking?"

- my friend's comments on this article.. a remarkable martial artist..
Right on, Wintermute.

If you can't learn to deal with all kinds of people, you kind of lose a part of your training.
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