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Re: Re: Re: Gashuko and Deja Vu

Originally posted by PeterR
Michael is an instructor at Shodokan Honbu - this goes beyond just rank. What it means is he not only knows technique but knows the way Nariyama wants it taught. More important for you guys he gives a very good class. Good, enjoyable Budo.
He was over in the UK briefly last year, and taught a few excellent classes while he was here. So I have an idea how good his classes are, and I'm really looking forward to taking a few more.

The course runs for four days, and I've a feeling I'll need a little time to recover afterwards too.

(As to the "SEMPAI" thing, I think I have some idea where you're coming from, I've heard quite a few stories from Scott, and various of my sempai who've spent time at Honbu.)

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