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Re: New Person Training Full Time

Joseph Bowen wrote: View Post

Not to seem rude or anything but I think you are not really paying attention to what folks are taking the time to write for your benefit.
I agree. If advice is asked, then an attempt to head the advice is needed. I know it is difficult to read/listen to advice that goes against what I assume to be "the best aikidoka you want to be."

Think about what would happen if you immersed yourself in a program (in another country) that you knew very little about and then had a serious personality conflict with one of it members or maybe even the sensei...You might be stuck and have to use what limited income you had left to return home or move to another dojo to start over.

Check out all the leads and trust your own eyes and ears as to what is best for you. Everyone on this site is wonderful at giving advice and truly want to see you succeed. However, you need to live your own life and learn by your own mistakes and accomplishments. Take it one step at a time and you will get to your final goal.

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