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Re: New Person Training Full Time

Pierre Kewcharoen wrote: View Post
If you plan to travel, you are gonna need more money than 3k. Remember places like Japan, the Japanese Yen is worth more money than american dollars. You are better off traveling there through a program like JET whre you can teach japanese kids english. At least you have a place to stay and are paid.
Good advice! I'm assuming by saying, "school," University was the meaning in which case the JET program would be a great way to go to Japan. My wife was in the program for 2 years (which is how I was able to experience the Himeji Shodokan club). It varies from region to region, but generally speaking you get paid well and have plenty of free time to do other things like train in Aikido, etc.
Plus, if Diane is largely looking to travel and be immersed in a new environment, that might be a great way to kill two birds with one stone...something to consider at any rate.
Take care.

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