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Re: New Person Training Full Time

Somebody's been watching too many kungfu movies. Get some experience first before making a huge jump like this. If you are dedicated as you say you are, you would have at least learned to speak japanese or at least the language of the country that you plan to go to. Im sorry to be putting down someone but this is comical almost to the point of sounding like a fake poster.

First steps should be take a class and experience it firsthand. After a few years then decide if you want to fully commit.

If you decide that you want to commit and find a higher rank teacher, you should do your own research and find the person that you want to learn from. What their background is or you might find someone who claim that they are 15th dan and can shoot invisible ki balls at people.

Typically you don't have the luxury of having a school out of the country be required to speak english to you. If your going to japan be prepared to learn japanese. If you going to france you better learn french etc.

If you plan to travel, you are gonna need more money than 3k. Remember places like Japan, the Japanese Yen is worth more money than american dollars. You are better off traveling there through a program like JET whre you can teach japanese kids english. At least you have a place to stay and are paid.

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