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Re: New Person Training Full Time

Gianluigi is technically quite correct. The Senshusei course approximates the uchideshi experience, but it does not meet the full requirements that a traditional definition of that experience would entail. I do think that in these modern times, it does give a pretty fair approximation, and it is definately more difficult than your average aikido training.

Speaking of the strict definition, most of the people who claim to be uchideshi to Ueshiba since the war would not meet the strict definition themselves.


Gianluigi Pizzuto wrote: View Post
I might be wrong, but these are not Uchideshi. A Uchideshi is someone who lives and trains with his Sensei 24 hours a day (O Sensei was famous for waking up in the middle of the night and attacking his Uchideshi to check their awareness). A Uchideshi also protect his Sensei (well, probably nowadays no longer need for that). A Uchideshi doesn't really have a personal life. For sure no other job, no school or no training in any other job... I am not sure about sentimental life.
For what I consider to be an Uchideshi the 2 above offers are far far away from being a real Uchideshi system. Above all the one in San Leandro which will charge for everything, even the night classes. Those are schools that offer regular teaching but in addition can give you a place where to sleep at a cheaper rate than sleeping in a rental place.
This is just my opinion, but I wouldn't call those "systems" Uchideshi, but after all as Saotome Shihan said more than once, nowadays it makes no sense of speaking of a Uchideshi System.

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