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Re: ikkyo vs ikkajo

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Maybe it makes more sense to consider it in light of the history behind its use in Aikido, not in some generic sense of the word in China or Japan..
Ueshiba was a Daito ryu teacher. When he opened his first Dojo he taught Shirata, Shioda, Inue, Mochizuki etc, out of the hiden mokuroku of Daito ryu, and even passed them out to his early students as levels of grading. In fact all said they were learning Daito ryu aikijujutsu up to the war. The mokuroku is a catalogue of 118 techniques divided into sections or kajo; ikkajo, nikkajo sankajo etc.
In Aikido's case ikkyo is a single technique with variations of doing "it." Ikkajo is 30 techniques with a myriad of variations of doing them. So, you were taught Ikkajo, nikkajo, sankajo, yonkajo, gokajo. No small stretch to see that Aikido has; ikkyyo, nikkyo, sankyo, yonkyo, gokyo. All single techniques based off of his Daito ryu teachings to his students when he simplified the art. This information is out there for anyone to read.
Hello all,

So, this makes me wonder if Aikido, as Ueshiba taught it, was a distillation or dilution of Takeda's Daito Ryu AJJ ?

It would be interesting to see when the change in name occured. Was it Ueshiba's pre-war Daito Ryu/Aikido or postwar Aikido when Ueshiba changed the name of the technique, possibly to distance himself and his art from DR AJJ ?

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