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Re: Is Aikido effective for police?

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Don't care what Don Angier call his art, that was very good display of aiki skills. I am familiar with a lot of his techniques, coz I recall that is also how we do the techniques (the empty hand part, especially the hugs from behind, grab my wrist stuff).

Keep in mind that's some really old footage. He's changed some over the years.

I think the hardest thing for people coming at Don's stuff from an Aikido background is that in order to really start to approach what he's doing, they have to realize that it IS different from what they were taught, no matter how similar it looks. Being able to accept that and let go of what they think they know is very difficult. Too often you hear, "Yeah, we do that too..." No, no you don't. (I don't mean that as a dig at you Boon, just a general comment.)

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