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Ron Tisdale
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Re: New Person Training Full Time

I would NOT recommend generally that a person fresh to aikido join the Senshusei course. Just my opinion.

There are 7th dan and higher instructors from the yoshinkan tradition in NA...Utada Sensei, Kimeda Sensei, Kushida Sensei (ex yoshinkan), and non japanese instructors as well (Payet Sensei, Mustard Sensei, Parker Shihan, etc).

Utada Sensei has a house next to the dojo where students often live for extended periods of time, and I'm sure these other instructors have similar arrangements on occation. Personally, I recommend you try one of these arrangements first, then look to going to Japan later, if you still feel the same way.

But some unusual people can dive right in, and I don't know you at all.


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