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Randy Sexton
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Cool Re: New Person Training Full Time

What I sense here is a plan for disaster. Being "fresh" means I have NO experience in Aikido whatsoever. Wanting to learn from a high ranking sensei (7th Dan) is great but the truth is you will learn from EVERYONE in the dojo and the sensei personal rank is more a thing of your pride than their true value as an instructor. The truth is the sensei instructs and you and your fellow students practice with each other with his guidance and watchful eye. A great deal of your instruction will come from students higher ranking than you (Sempai) and the lower ranking Dan members. The lower ranking Dan students can often be the best source of one-on-one instruction and training for your first years in Aikido. Higher Dan ranking does not necessarily correlate with teaching ability.
High ranking Dan sensei will instruct you personally at times but the overall design of the dojo is to have the lower ranking Dan instructors gain experience in teaching by instructing the Kyu ranks and assuming a sense of responsibility for their growth.
I would recommend finding a good job in your career field you are training for and find a dojo near where you WANT to live, train in Aikido with a local instructor and then if you want to train with other sensei you have some experience. You will learn from other sensei through seminars, reading, the internet, and books. Seminars are one of the great things in Aikido. You can learn from the "Greats" and still support your local dojo. Stop being "fresh" and get sweaty.
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