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Re: Is Aikido effective for police?

Something we were talking about tonight - sort of relative here...

In law enforcement training, there is a lot of talk about the "lowest common denominator." The other, more common, understanding for this is "Idiot" or "Lazy-ass-guy-that-never-trains." I'm sorry, but for me, in the training I do, I'm not interested in addressing the lowest common denominator. I already know the lowest common denominator cannot do what we are doing. However, this is not because the moves we are doing are too difficult or too complex. This is because those folks do not train. Training, by definition is about making the unnatural natural and the complex simple. That's a given when it comes to anything worth training in or worth learning. I don't want to know or do moves that are natural or simple for the idiot. Thus, I do not ever think that law enforcement officers should dismiss a move because they cannot readily do it. Moreover, simply because a move is difficult for the "Lazy-ass-guy-that-never-trains," well, this doesn't mean that moves that are idiot-friendly are all of a sudden tactically viable. It just means he/she, and he/she alone, because he/she doesn't train, is going to get his/her ass handed too him/her when the crap hits the fan, regardless of whatever they do.

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