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Re: Is Aikido effective for police?

Actually, Angier Sensei was one of the people I credit with changing my perception of proper training. He would take a very simple movement, not a whole technique, but just the crucial element and do that slowly until you felt it in your body.
Anyway, it really struck me how he wouldn't go on to something more complex until you had the component piece correct.
I trained in this curriculum Ikkajo nd Te Kube Skuii for the first year. Nikajo and Osoto gari if you were lucky and consistent in attendance.

The curriculum is genius in that the initial principles taught were inherent in the chosen techniques. You could experience rudimentary success with these beginning techniques using just the "baseline on the building blocks" principles.

I had come to Clodig study sword. I did not pick up even a Bokken for the first two years. In fact, I did not receive a forward throw for the first 3 years. I did not study a technique that required me to throw forward for the first 3 years. In the first few weeks I wondered how a man who had studied other arts for 35 years could find this kind of patience. Then I began to see what I had missed for those long previous years in other arts.

With the completion of each list, you would review all former lists and revisit all techniques with the newly acquired principles. Overall he has about 80 specific principles.

This approach shook my world. What I thought was slow and turgid actually was ( in the course of 3 years) quite sophisticated. In the course of 7 years, it is phenomenal.

Surely this is a road for the patient. Certainly not for the confines of Law Enforcement. But it is what they really need.
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