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I read all the feedback with interest, but couldn't relate most of it to my injuries, other than Krzysiek's suggestion on getting medical help - you are right, I've put it off after this injury. Thanks for the prompt! Most of the time it's just a minor inconvenience and I ignore it but sometimes it gets re-aggrevateed by someone.

Colleen - I'm right with you on your point about resisting after informing someone of an injury - rude and stupid. Not relevant in this situation.

Don't agree that tapping fast is the answer. I'm not couch potato when it comes to moving fast if I need to, but some pins come on faster than I can move my hand. There is no slack on the elbow when the elbow is locked out. Some simple examples? ikkajo, hijishime, hijiate. They can move 1/2 on a locked elbow far faster than I can move my body to absorb it. These are elbow breaking techniques designed exactly for that reason. It doesn't take a lot for someone to get it wrong - too enthusiastic, excited, whatever.

So what do I do - never do any technique where an elbow is involved? Only train in slow motion? That's the same as giving up training as far as I am concerned!

So I accept that injuries occur. I try to minimise them. Protect and rest weaknesses. But at the end of the day, it's a martial art.

I guess I could always take up golf instead!

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