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Chris Parkerson
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Re: Is Aikido effective for police?

Sensei Ledyard,

It is bvious that the fruit did not fall far from the tree in John Clodig's case. The method is quite the same and thus there are, by attrition and by design, few students.

Ths momsnt I saw you move last weekend, i could see the similsrity in depth. Each movement of your body has a direct effect on uke.

Dave's last post suggests that one should not think, if this...then that. I bet you think very little, whether you move yin or yang. In minimizing thought, by focussing on a few basic things, I believe the mind is indeed unfettered.

Where is his center?
where does it wantto go?
here is his falling point.

All the rest is by feel. Even the three questions are simply felt.
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