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Re: Philadelphia Dojos Testimonials

Ron Tisdale mentioned my dojo, Aikikai of Philadelphia, where he has been a welcome visitor. He and I have often shared ideas (or rather I picked his brain) both at our dojo and at seminars. I also have studied with Donovan Waite Shihan and have nothing but praise for him. Mostly I have encountered him at summer camp and seminars but I recently visited his dojo and they have just completed marvelous renovations especially to the visitors area. I suggest that anyone visiting Philadelphia should train at the dojo that suits their temperament but visit them all. It is possible to observe at most or pay a mat fee and experience the unique interpretations of the many gifted Sensei in our region. One of my long term plans is to create a citywide Aikido event. Yoshinkan, Aikikai and Kokikai all producing seminars/workshops on the same weekend. We are blessed here to have extremely competent and welcoming dojos in many styles of our art so one cannot really go wrong no matter where you visit. There are also extensive Aiki-weapons at manyn dojo. I hope this isn't seen as perjoritive but the one advantage of Aikikai Of Philadelphia and Doshinkan is that the founding sensei still teach class regularly. Waite sensei is so amazingly successful that he must be on the road frequently and I have little knowledge of the people who teach in his absence. Perhaps someone else can fill us in there or correct me if my impression is incorrect.
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