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Re: Do You Block?

My feelings about the blocking technique is that it has different objective to what I have been taught. Namely he is waiting for the strike and taking the strike at a point where the attacker has fully developed the power of the strike. This allows him to keep the same distance from the attacker. Perfect if you want to go on sparing. I am sure his technique is effective, however I consider a block to be dynamic at the point of contact. Not just presenting a rigid arm.

The posture of his arm does present the bone, but it is also quite close to him. As anyone who has done any serious weight training will know, to get the maximum range of motion and strength out of the triceps you need to twist you palm away from you as you extend. This is what I do when I block (as taught in Yoshinkan). At the point of contact my arm isn't still but it is cutting into the attack. In reality if an attacker came onto me quickly I think my block would look almost identical as the one shown in the clip, the difference being that I would still be extending my arm at the time of contact. In an ideal situation, I would see the attack coming and to move forward to cut into the strike before it developed power. Obviously the blocking arm will be stronger in the line of the attack if it is more extend. Naturally this would achieve my objectives off changing the distance to the attacker and getting off line. It's how I have been taught to deal with that kind of attack. But then again I have never had to spar a karataka.

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