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Re: What to do ?

I am quite sure, Sensei has no idea, how serious the emotional problems of that man are. I met him several times outside the dojo and would never have believed that. (I mean this strange "being not himself and having a different voice")
The problem with law enforcement is, that it is nearly impossible here that a man gets punished for things like that, if there are no witnesses and if - as in my case- the woman came into his flat voluntarely, it's simply "word against word" and so only 10% of the men, that are accused at a police station, have to go to court. And only another 10 % get a punishment.(I am sure it's the same in America, isn't it ? ).
I really think, I need to talk to Sensei. At the moment I am simply "running away" and worry about how he may react. I should rather try, how he reacts and then run away, if necessary.
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