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Re: What to do ?

Chiming in with the chorus.

It's not only OK for you *not* to train with that person, (for clarity I'll refer to him as Filthy Slimeball) but it is *not* OK for him to train with anyone else at that dojo. No matter what the specific circumstances, he betrayed a very basic level of trust, one frankly far baser than those required to train safely in a dojo with other people. Filthy Slimeball should be banished.

If your instructor knows about this event and hasn't banished them (or beat Filthy Slimeball to a bloody pulp, then banished them) you shouldn't even consider going back. Given their wacky opinion on sexual assault, I'd say pack it up. A dojo is a place to study the way, not a treatment center.

/mad face.

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