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Bruce Baker
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Pressure points


I think you have a misconception of pressure points.

Most knowledgeable sensei's do not talk about pressure points with everyone they meet on the street, or every student.

Most people do not talk about the actual use of pressure points unless they are exchanging techniques they have within their practice.

Westerners were taught blocks, while advance students are taught that the same moves are strikes to the opponents body. Depending on the teacher and their perception of what the student will use the knowledge for, the statement of not teaching foreign scum could be relevant to some people?

There is a fact that the people most knowledgeable to pressure points are healers, too. Just like learning the many variations and ways people can screw up Aikido, so too are these variations less likely to work without knowledge of what meridian a pressure point is on, the angle/direction needed to affect it, and what type of movement, rub/strike/push, will activate it?

My concern is that we use pressure points that either are stumbled upon by executing a technique, or are shown how to inflict pain with a technique but we do not understand the bodys connection to these nerve endings in relation to our health or ill health when practicing Aikido?

Every single pain submission in every martial art can be tracked to a pressure point, meridian, and bodily organ connected to that meridian.

Hey, there are still people smoking and drinking who believe smoking will not give them cancer, and alcohol doesn't kill brain cells or cause internal organ damage? Maybe they are part of the small percentage who will live past seventy years of age?

I do believe that the more you know about pressure points and how to use them, the more sensei's who know something from experience will open up about this subject.

I can show you all the techniques I know, but understanding how and when to use them is a moral judgement of character I must make when I do so? Every teacher makes this decision sooner or later, this could be the only hidden agenda to any secret technique?

We all know that certain grasps, movements, and submissions are more effective when grabs are done a particular way, bodys move in a particular manner, and submissions are performed by twisting body parts in the correct manner. Effectiveness is attributed to technique and years of practice ... but little movements, positioning, and watching your teachers proficiency reveals many of the little details needed ...

It just so happens that George Dillman is within a karate system that I came from, but I believe even without his guidance I would have found pressure points anyway.

It really doesn't matter if you remain opposed to the term pressure points, the pain submission you display by "tapping out" for your partner to release you is the only proof you need about pressure points.

Knowledge to find other ways to use them, or understand them ... that will be up to you.

Some teachers pursue this, some do not.

So far ten of my Aikido friends are pursueing this area of study.

In two years that will be one hundred people.

Will one of them be you?
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