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Bruce Baker
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What happened to you, knoops?

One morning I was looking at the Aikiweb posts and the local news picked up a story about some guy named Erik Knoops in the Netherlands, he was attacked by a tree?

I got to thinking, isn't that one of the guys from Aikiweb threads?

Sure enough, this guy was coming back from Aikido class when the tree got him.

The reporter shoved the microphone into his face to catch his ramblings as they loaded him off to the local hospital, it went something like this,".... $%^$% Ki balls! $^#%^TREE!! LOOK OUT! I won't do it! You can't MAKE ME! Pressure Points are not real! STAY AWAY!..."

Some new reporter, Jim Haliday?..., was reporting so I didn't know it was for real or some joke?

Anyway, he did confirm that Andy Russo is dead, at least his sense of humor was pronounce dead as of that news broadcast, and Aikido practice would never be the same?

Now they got some guy almost naked in the Airport and he is claiming his "key" is setting off the alarms? Does he mean his chi?

Oh, well.

Let's see what other comedy the Aikido world has to post ...
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