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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 6

The Mongolian episode is written in some detail in Sudanomari Kanshu's bio of Ueshiba. (Rather than a link, go on line to Aikido Journal and buy a membership! $25 for the keys to the most complete library of real sources on aikido anywhere!!!!!). But what is illuminating is that the approach to Deguchi was made by a "committee" which was trying to establish a pretext for further Japanese movement into Asia, and they were quite open about the fact that they felt that Deguchi, being a religioius figure, could, in essence, get away with what they couldn't. (Once there, we read mostly about the small group posing as religious figures to the Mongols, Ueshiba "teaching" jujutsu, and moving along with very large armies in an attempt to take over Mongolia.) To be sure, Deguchi thought he was using "them" as much as they thought they were using him. - - - sorry for the digressions. I don't recognize all the names that approached Deguchi, but among them was "Uchida Sensei" - clearly Uchida Ryohei of the Genyosha - Dark Ocean Society.
Unfortunately, the Sudanomari translation stops at #16 - I just wrote to Stan hoping there is some way that it be continued. Fascinating information.

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