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Re: Is Aikido effective for police?


A final observation if you will suffer me a while longer...

In the section where attacks are made "at arm's length", I think you and I both agree that the "Ractionary Gap" is just not great enough for a truly efficient "circular retreat", "present weapon from system 3/4 holster" and point" in tactic.

This scenario is what bodyguards train the most. Up close and at arm's reach. we are not protected under "color of law" but the system works well for us.... even better for you.

You enter at the first sense of aggression rather than wait to see what the citizen has taken out of his pocket.

The "lead hand" (support hand) is placed in the crook of the citizen's shoulder (between the deltoid and pectoral - Lung point 1 in acupuncture). We used to call this a "stop hit". I would use this immediately once I even felt an aggressive raising of the arm during a field interview situation. I do not care if he was just presenting his driver's license to me. If it is aggressive, I stop the action.

If I sense that there is more aggression while executing this countermeasure, I would place my weapon hand on his opposite shoulder and my weapon side foot behind the back of this knee. By turning him in a clockwise direction, he is literally screwed into the ground ending up with a spinal lock and his dangerous hand trapped by your weapon hand and in view for your inspection.

If it is a driver's license he was presenting... no injury - no fowl.
If it is a weapon, he gets dumped hard on his tailbone, his arm ends up in an upward ude garami. The weapon is either stripped or his shoulder is displaced. Chokes are great from this position as well. And your partner can flank him in a manner that you are not in the line of fire.
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