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Re: Is Aikido effective for police?


Excellent training runs. That's the way it should be done.

If I may make a couple of observations...

There was some concern earlier regarding my comment about breaking right (or left) at mai i. Tori is breaking at Mai i in some of the instances. In others, Tori broke at mai i times 2. The way tori did this was to break right as soon as uke posts his left foot during the run. Break left when Uke posts his right foot during the run.

The times Tori got in trouble were when the above timing was off. thus, he was able to be tracked and had to go into a run while shooting backwards.

Regarding the ground fight, as you said, that is a cutting edge workshop. I ran into several LE trainers who attended Frontsight seminars. We had many discussions regarding the subject.

The man I hired to do the majority of the edged weapons stuff (including groundwork) was Felix Valencia. He was danny Inosanto's bulldog in the 1980's. He is a Filipino artist who learned Hawaiian Lua, Silat, and was on the Thai boxing curcuit in Asia. His understanding of ground fighting with a knife was exquisite.

He was given sokeship of the Lameco system a few years ago. His website is:
He teaches police and military seminars worldwide. You may enjoy his perspective. I may have a chance to upload some of his system on u-tube.

Finally, I think few folks are studying Traditional Daito finishes (rather than Aikido finishes) and modifying them for cuffing procedures. The Turkish website below eloquently displays some of what I am talking about. Food for thought...

Perhaps sometime I can come by and watch a session first hand. I suspect I will learn allot.
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