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Ki Symbol Re: Meditate with a Tree

Originally posted by Bruce Baker
...Seriously, any of you have experience or have teachers who meditate/teach KI who use trees or nature to reenergize?
Relating to nature has always been a part of far eastern philosophy. However I don't take such a serious view when it comes to meditating with trees. Consider this:

Originally written by K. Kashiwaya, Chief Instructor, Ki Society USA
Perhaps for some people, "Universal Ki" implies a sense of the mysterious, the supernatural or even the occult. Even some people claim that they are the only ones who can use or understand Ki. We understand Ki in a much more common or practical sense. For us, everybody has Ki, since it comes from nature, not only a special kind of person. We are able to demonstrate, through the Four Basic Principles, that we can apply the use of Ki to our everyday life.

It is not practice that makes perfect, it is correct practice that makes perfect.
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