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Do symbol Two Rabbits

I was the one who made the comment about cross training, and believe me, I heard the parable you quote more than once when I started (interestingly, only from my TKD instructor, not from my aikido sensei, who also holds a 4th degree dan rank in Tang Soo Do). While I agree with Jun that the chase is what matters (this is "the way," it is not "the destination"), I also say that the hunter that catches neither rabbit is a poor hunter.

All martial arts are courses running generally to the same place (we've all seen pictures comparing old judo masters with O'sensei late in his life - both performing nearly identical throws; and going beyond physical techniques with the other arts to concentrate on what they try to do with us internally)... so I find that both of my rabbits are nicely running in the same direction.

I just make sure that as much as I can, I leave the one at the door when I enter the training facility of the other.

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