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Shorten / hem a special hakama: opinions.

I have a hakama that was given to me by my teacher; it bears his name, and was a gift from his sensei (who has since passed away). I only wear it on very special occassions.

It is an Iwata brand hakama, size 28; my other Iwata hakama is size 27. My sensei is taller than me, so that makes sense. However, the 28 is really a bit long on me, and i find it difficult to move well in it. I am coming up on 2 years of wearing one. Even the 27 I think is sometimes a bit long, having tried a 25.5 once that I liked very much.

On the one hand, it's only a bunch of fabric. On the other hand, it has immense, or embodies immense, importance as it is a physical reminder of our collective "heritage" and "lineage".

My questions to you all is;
1 - Would you consider having it shortened, if you were in my position? and if so
2 -What special instructions would you give the taylor or seamstress you gave it to to do the job, if any?

I had a Century brand hakama shortened once, and the neighbourhood taylor did a good enough job, but that hakama was a $50 p.o.s. that I could have cared less about. Alot less.

I suspect I am making more of this than is neccesary or warranted, but that is what a forum is gather and debate the opinions of your <ahem> respected peers.


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