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Chris Parkerson
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Re: Is Aikido effective for police?

I am not military trained though allot of the guys I work with are from the specops community.

As a bodyguard, I train two methods of shooting. Single shots at multiple targets with a .270 degree range.

and the old "Mozambique Technique". Two to the chest and one to the head - (as a coup de grace in case the guy has a vest on).

All my shooting is performed at close range. Fifteen feet or less. Often in formation with a cover and evacuate drill.

I tend to triangulate on the two center mass shots and forego the front sight. I get them off quite fast. Then I take about 1/2 second to aim for the ocular cavity.

I think my study of Aiki assists in this drill as I am not worried about getting the shots out. I simply "will" them into the right spots on the target, with posture, bone alignment, and intent.
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