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Re: Is Aikido effective for police?

It is great listening to you guys talk. I guess even Sykes and fairbairn would say at this point that that there really is nothing new under the sun for those who developed themselves beyond the basic training.... only more data to prove what the real pro's discovered by necessity..

At a distance of 10 feet, a subject is less than half a second away from making the first cut on an officer, Lewinski's research shows. Therefore, rather than relying on a holstered gun, officers must be trained in hands-on techniques to deflect or delay the use of the knife."
In the video "Surviving Edged Weapons", Danny Inosanto charges the unwitting officer and knocks him on his ass in a linear assault, cutting him in the process.

In Explosive Aikijujitsu, Bernie Lau shows a similar scenario where he takes a circular retreat while presenting his weapon from the holster. To be sure, it is an unsecure snap-type holster. Not a system 3 or 4. And, if I remember correctly, he moves at an arch, telegraphing to his opponent so that he is easily tracked.

If you did not view this clip of my 10 year old training partner moving at angles from mai i, check it out.

He learned this within three weeks. I know that is more than what you are given to teach a skill set. I also understand that you have to teach to the lowest common denominator when training groups of police. But this kid can handle knife attack, keep his center, stay off line and present a weapon... not to mention locate and use barriers in the process.
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