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Re: Is Aikido effective for police?


I think I liked the second video the best.

A left side tactical folder (preferably an Emerson) trumps the grapple over the sidearm.

Regarding knife retention, a left side folder is probably "hiding in plain sight" as the perp is likely focussed on the known weapons like the sidearm, baton and mace.

The other videos were not that impressive. Run of the mill stuff.

I have seen some of GRAPPLE. I would rather not make the ground fight my primary defense to the 21 foot rule. It seems a good thing to train for when there is no other choice. I always felt falling to the weak side was best. I.E., it is harder for a gunman who is right handed to scan to his left. If you fall to his left, you get a 1/4 second advantage.

I liked to disturb police who had the traditional answer to the 21 foot rule knife attack by using an old Filipino tactic called "two to throw and one to go" As I closed the gap, I would draw and throw my right side blade, then my left side blade and finally close the gap with my right side alternate blade. The attack was so overwhelming that most guys froze.

But if we approach the principle of mai-i and apply it to this problem an answer emerges, Whatever comes at you has to pass this point. Just outside of that point is the time to move off line and continue shooting into center mass.

I doesnt matter if the thing coming at you is a flying knife or an arm with a knife in it. In the old videos on "surviving bladed weapons" the drill had the officers back peddling and moving off line so soon that the bad guy could track their movement and continue the attack. They did not train on an exact point in which to move off line. They had no idea how to set up a stance that was efficient in moving off line efficiently.

What do you think?
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