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Re: Is Aikido effective for police?

Chris Parkerson wrote: View Post
Hey David,

My Police DT certifications expired back in the 1990's. Do they still teach the "Three Minute Rule"?

I.E. if a student (cop) cannot learn a technique within three minutes, throw it out... I read this rule in the introduction to the PPCT Instructor's Manual.
Hi Chris,

Nope - thank goodness. However, that mindset is still there - the idea that "natural" "easy" "quick to learn" movements are not only objectively possible but best.

The thing that always gets me is when you look at this kind of understanding from the reverse - such that moves that are natural, easy, and quick to learn are moves made for folks that are uncoordinated, prone to quitting anything that requires effort, and slow of mind and body. You know what I mean - how many of the folks that love "natural" "easy" "quick to learn moves" really think of themselves as physically, spiritually, and mentally challenged?


David M. Valadez
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