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Re: Fukuro Shinai Construction and Usage

This is an interesting and timely thread for me, as I have been thinking of trying to get some fukuro shinai for our dojo.

My teacher, Kanetsuka Sensei, used to to teach a lot of swordwork, strongly inspired by the kesa giri of the Kashima Shinryu tradition, and we used heavy straight bokken with a wooden shinai for partner work. These days he hardly ever teaches weapon practice beyond simple suburi, but often demonstrates with a fukuro shinai when he is teaching. Although he feels that bokken are good for suburi, he likes to use shinai, though he insists that conventional bare bamboo shinai are dangerous because of the possibility of splinters.

Is there anything close to a "construction manual" on the Web for fukuro shinai? I would like to see such a thing, if only to decide whether my limited skills would be up to the job.

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