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Gashuko and Deja Vu

Just returned from Wakayama where the spring Gashuko was held. Missed the last two years, forgot how enjoyable they are.

Serious drawback is that there are a lot of people, many come down from Tokyo. Of course the intent is not to come away with deep meaningful Aikido insights but it is a major bonding experience. I was a good boy so my headache was manageable the next day - we did have a few casualties during the following morning training. A few conspicuous absences also.

Training wise Nariyama likes to take us through basics but always tosses in something that does not normally get covered. Gives us something to work on over the next few months - important for the Dan grades who don't expect to grade in the next little while.

The Deja vu?? Well its the pressure points. Maybe Nariyama reads these forums - who knows but time was reserved for them. Dillman's big claim is that these are secret and not taught especially to foreign scum. This of course is bull - no big secrets - although the more obscure and questionable might not be given a lot of time.

Monday is a holiday here which is just as well. Recovery is in progress.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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