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Re: real world aikido

Excellent posts Ledyard Sensei

One of the main things that moved me to the core when I first found out about aikido was the amazing concept that this is beyond fighting. If someone wants to hurt you, if you can do aikido correctly, there is no "fight", no conflict at all, either physically or mentally. You don't have to care about winning or losing because there is no fight to win or lose. In that sense, it is an art of "not fighting". How effectively one can do this is another issue. How hard are we trying?

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Fighting is what O'Sensei did on his path to developing Aikido. He trained for strength, power and martial effectiveness and tested himself to see if his martial abilities worked. It is the foundation of what O'Sensei developed. Why shouldn't we travel a similar path that O'Sense did?
Of course there is much to learn from exploring Aikido's parent arts and other arts too in order to inform our training. I like to think the best things the founder learned on his journey are embodied in his martial art. One of them is the above mentioned principle of transcending mere fighting.

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Did O'Sensei abandon his martial abilities for the path of peace and harmony?
From what I can tell, I think they are one and the same thing.
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