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Re: Fukuro Shinai Construction and Usage

An exponent of Yagyu Shinkage ryu just responded to me in the E-budo forums and states that they historically use the seam side to represent the edge/ha. Interesting.

I can see that, coupled with enough lacquering to smooth out and polish the rough seam, it wouldn't matter what side one was hit with in regards to safety.

Edit: While using glue would definitely work (I was forced to resort to using it, haha, as a result of my shoddy lacing job in attaching the tsuka strap), it'd be interesting to know how the things were historically constructed. As for the knot in the tip turning inside out and the seams showing, it was pointed it out to me that the leather I was using (some cheap 2 or 3 oz scrap upholstery leather, not very thick (1.1 mm or so) or durable) was very supple and that if I had used stiffer leather, it'd be harder for the tip seam to fold out and reveal my stitching. Since the lace I used was also made of the same supple leather, it also has the tendency to stretch, so I'm going to try a thicker, 5 oz or so leather next time.

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