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Sy Labthavikul
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Fukuro Shinai Construction and Usage


After reviewing pictures of fukuro shinai and posts by E-budo forum members like Sven Buelke and others who previously constructed fukuro shinai utilizing traditional methods, I built several prototype Yagyu Shinkage ryu-style fukuro shinai for my aikido dojo.

I'm still perfecting their construction, and am waiting to get several questions answered from some knowledgeable people, but I had some questions about their usage in aikido. I am guessing ASU people will be the most able to answer these questions.

In your dojo, does one strike with the lacing end out to represent the edge/ha? Done this way, there is an obvious visual aid in hasuji, but I would imagine this would wear our the lacing and fukuro faster. Also, this way, the overlapping part of the tsuka wrapping ends up aligned with one's fingers, and that feels kind of odd, though it does make it fairly easy to align the edge.

The other way I tried is to have the lacing represent the mune, so that the other blank face of the fukuro shinai strikes: this seems to reduce wear on the lace, and also the overlapping tsuka "bulge" nestles comfortably in the palms of your hands, in the V made by your thumb and forefinger, which also aids in aligning the edge. I personally like this way better, but I ask to see how people are using them in their dojo.

Thanks in advance!
-Sy Labthavikul

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