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Originally posted by nikon
very very sorry, but i still don't understand what is sutemi. What exactly is sutemi or sacrifice throw?(pls use newbie words to explain)

Sorry for my ignorance.
Hello Leslie

There is a very interesting article on sutemi on Janet's website that might help clarify.

I think colleen is correct in classifying the throws and falls aspect.

From a body mechanics perspective, if you are nage, you ukemi as part of the throw on uke. The examples posted by Graham Wild (aka Wild Aikido) are good ones but there are many other techniques.

My original intention for this thread was to get some ideas on the pros and cons of these types of techniques in terms of illustrating and training in blending, movement, harmonising with the attack. Also as a way to become more sensitive to the technique if you are Uke in performing ukemi from the technique. I wasnt really concerned about their combat effectiveness.

I've seen other aikido dojos use these techniques in their training and I've trained in them from time to time but my senseis dont emphasise these techniques. So I wondered whether it was generally practiced by aikidoka and if so, whether I was missing something important in my training.

Hope this clarifies.

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