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It's just something you have to get used to... fortuneately, I have discovered the budo at an age when stiffness is not a huge problem, however, in Aikido I do sit in seiza much more than in karate. In general there seiza was used only for formal occasions, such as belt promotions, etc. When I first started Aikido, I found it very painful to sit in seiza. However, if the budo have taught me anything as a naive young boy, it's if you can't do something, do it until you can. I started sitting in seiza as much as pssoible- opting for the floor in seiza rather than my quite comfortable leather couches, in ibuki-no-ho, and as much as I could in class. As a result I can sit in seiza for much longer periods than I previously could...

However, that's just me... if this doesn't work for ya, find something that does...



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