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Re: real world aikido

To me, I need to first define martial arts before I offer my opinion on this thread. In this context, "martial" is a reference to war; "martial arts" would be the practices pertaining to war. By my definition, I consider aikido to be a martial art because my training involves elements of military tactics. Second, I need to qualify my response by saying that most of us are "martial artists" in only the most loose sense. Excepting those rare (and lucky) individuals who may claim training aikido as their profession (as in full-time job), our time commitments preclude us from claiming fighting as our profession. In other words, most of us our hobbyists at aikido; some of us may even be amateurs.

1. Aikido is an effective military tool for combat. Good aikido training better prepares you for situations in "the real world."
2. If you do not train in martial tactics, then you are not training in martial arts.

I do not make these statements in jest or to offend. I make them because sometimes I speak with people who do not know the difference, so it places my conversation on level ground with others.

Many of us practice budo, only a few of us are bushi. If I cannot do something, that does not mean it can't be done.

My grandpa used to fish with us granchildren. My sister didn't like taking the fish off the hook after she caught it and she would ask someone to take off the fish for her. My grandpa would say, "it isn't fishing unless you bait your own hook, catch the fish, and take it off the hook." My sister learned to fish...acccording to my grandpa.
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