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Re: real world aikido

David McCormack wrote: View Post
thankfully ive never been in a situation where ive had to use any aikido outside of my dojo
What about when opening a door?

David McCormack wrote: View Post
i was wondering how effective people think aikido is/would be in the real world.
One ticket for the "real" world, please.

but really, I think this question can only be answered by the person asking it, for themselves. I know if I wanted to test the effectiveness of my aikido, or the ability for me to apply aikido, I'd invite some of my acquaintances to randomly attack me (i can think of a few folks I know who would welcome such an invitation). For the time being, I'm happy without people taking swings at my head. I've survived enough fights without any formal fighting education, that I figure adding some aikido can't possibly hurt.

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